The Team

Meet your partners in cybercrime defense

The ResoluteGuard Team recognizes that many public and private organizations are ill-prepared to protect their vital data from the endless onslaught of cyber criminals targeting them.


We know the unique risks facing a variety of industries, and provide leadership, staffing support, tools and technical skills you can trust.


Jeffrey Schobel

President & CEO

Prior to ResoluteGuard, Jeff co-founded and served as CEO of PMSI Direct, a software application development company, for 30 years. He was also responsible for customer acquisition and sales for a mobile technology start-up, Inspirit Group. A proven sales leader with over 40 years of sales, marketing, operations, and management experience, Jeff is a solutions-driven professional with a passion for the technologies and processes that help organizations grow and prosper. He oversees all ResoluteGuard operations and collaborates closely with clients to empower their success and ensure  security. 

Chief Technology Officer

David began his career as a telecommunications expert in the U.S. Armed Forces. He was employed by Sprint Corporation as the Sr. Network Engineer of Global Operations for 16 years. Following his tenure at Sprint, he launched an MSP, YourCompPro, and was CEO for 12 years working with Fortune 500 companies, including the Bank of NY Melon who hired his firm to secure their Aruba network. David holds many IT and Security Certifications and is responsible for developing and implementing audit security of information security programs, which include policies and procedures designed to protect enterprise communications, systems, and assets from both internal and external threats.  He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Business Operations Center (BOC) team and providing support for ResoluteGuard’s onsite technical support representatives. With more than 40 years of IT Management experience in the public and private sectors, David brings a unique skill set in helping the company’s clients succeed and keep pace with the latest technologies. 

Chief Operating Officer

Conner has over nine years of operations experience providing products and services and designing networks for Enterprise-level clients. Prior to his work at ResoluteGuard, he supervised daily operations providing customized software applications for the Financial services industry and implemented mobile technologies for casinos in the U.S. Conner specializes in identifying company needs and providing solutions that provide a stable communications environment to support anticipated growth. 

Information Technology Specialists

ResoluteGuard’s Information Security Specialists employ a very specialized skill set to deliver enhanced visibility into network, system, and user threats; creation and execution of cyber risk management programs; and alignment of business risk and cyber risk within organizations.