Proactive Cyber-Risk Management

A commonly heard phrase in the cybersecurity industry is “It is not a question of IF, but WHEN” you will experience a cyber-incident. This is in reference to the difficulty of protecting a cyber-incident from occurring in today’s environment of ever-evolving cyber-attack strategies and threats.


ESUCC, taking a proactive approach to address this challenge, has partnered with ResoluteGuard™ to provide a SMART-Cyber Action Plan™ (SMART-CAP™) workflow tool customized to each district’s unique cybersecurity profile.


ResoluteGuard’s user-friendly SMART- Cyber Action Plan™ (SMART-CAP™) workflow management tool aligns and documents Executive Governance, Administrative and Technical Activities to address the Cyber Security Insurance, Best Practices and Incident Response Plan solutions that protect against and minimize the budgetary and potential disruption of service impact for WHEN a cyber-incident occurs. SMART-CAP™ is available to Nebraska public entities at a reduced fee.

Easy 4-Step Engagement process


Sign the Member Services Agreement and schedule a Program Overview call with ResoluteGuard.

  • Once Agreement is signed an email is sent to you with a copy of the Agreement and a link to schedule the Program Overview call.


ResoluteGuard will send you a SMART-CAP™ documenting your unique cybersecurity profile for review on our initial engagement call with your team. On this call we will discuss aligning your Executive Governance, Administrative and Technical Resources to:

  • address Cyber Security Insurance Best Practices and Incident Response readiness and documentation status,
  • review Guidelines for you to document the implementation and maintenance actions for solutions planned or in place


Conduct a call to support your technical team in activating the Vulnerability scan to identify your networks Internal and External “Strengths and Weaknesses”.

  • This will produce the easy-to-understand reports which document your current hardware and software network environment and the specific recommended action plans, prioritized by risk of loss, to address identified vulnerabilities


Conduct a team call with your administrative and technical resources to review scan results and prioritized actions and:

  • update your SMART-CAP™, Incident Response Plans and documented solution guidelines with information gathered to date.
  • if requested, review costs for additional scans, activity guidance, or recommending Cyber Security Best Practices solutions