ResoluteGuard Partners with Public Entity Insurance Pools to implement a Proactive Cyber Risk Management Program for Members

ResoluteGuard is a U.S. Company and AGRiP QEI Patron Serving K-12, Community Colleges, Cities, Counties, & Special Districts.

Learn About Our Proactive Cybersecurity Risk Management Program:

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    SMART Cyber Action Plan™

    Proprietary Technology To Empower Your Members & Ensure Compliance

    We align your members' Executive Governance with Administrative and Technical Resources to meet today's ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges.

    • Align and confirm Insurance coverage Best Practices
    • Templated policies and guidelines following NIST-Cyber Security Framework
    • Notifications of maintenance actions needed to fortify solutions in place
    • Recommended vendors for software solutions
    • Cyber Risk Scores to show continuous improvement over time

    Learn How We're Different:

    Vulnerability Assessments

    Not just an external “outside scan of a member’s website,” but also critical Internal vulnerability scans of a member’s entire network to identify ALL vulnerabilities and remedial actions.

    Carrier Applications

    Support Members with Timely Fact-based Responses.

    Cybersecurity Profile Model™

    Provide Underwriters with Data and Analytics to accurately assess member risk and support Self-funding.

    Listen to What Public Entity Insurance Partner Members Have to Say About ResoluteGuard:

    Cybersecurity Profile Model™ and Reporting Metrics
    to assess member risk and measure program success

    • Online access to Cyber Risk Reports and Analytics
    • Member Engagement and status of Program implementation
    • Baseline Cybersecurity posture and Risk Scores by Member
    • Common Vulnerabilities
    • Members’ Cybersecurity Best Practices status (Not Started, In-Process, Complete)
    • Member needs and recommendations

    Marketing Program to Maximize Member Insureds' Engagement

    • Introduction Email to introduce Partnership
    • Program Overview Brochure detailing member benefits
    • RG webpage Assets and Content for Insurance provider website
    • Monthly Member Webinars
    • Co-Branded Landing Page on the ResoluteGuard website
    • Educational Webinars on evolving threats and solutions
    • Email Campaigns and Telephone follow-up by RG Specialists
    • Social Media content
    • On-the-Ground Introductions (where applicable)
    • Regional & Annual meetings attendance/presentations (as requested)

    Our Valued Customers

    Learn what other Public Entity Insurance Partners have to say:

    “ResoluteGuard’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program provided a comprehensive assessment allowing Underwriting to gain insights into members existing security posture and assess cyber risk for coverage. We receive a weekly Cybersecurity Profile Model showing our member engagement, statuses of each members’ controls they need to implement and other analytics to assess member risk. This data will allow us to make better informed decisions to self-fund this renewal.”

    Public Entity Insurance Partner

    “ResoluteGuard’s SMART-Cyber Action Plan provides our JPA members with a plan and strategy prioritizing our insurance best practices controls and additional best practices to support a continuous improvement model. Administrators and IT personnel have a shared plan and can allocate resources to their plan. Policy templates and vulnerability assessments are provided for our insureds in addition to identifying risks with the remedial actions needed to improve their cybersecurity posture.”

    Public Entity Insurance Partner

    Schedule an introductory call or
    call us directly at 201-563-9899

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