ResoluteGuard’s Cyber Risk Management Platform for PLAN JPA Members

PLAN JPA Has Partnered with ResoluteGuard To Guard Your City Against A Cyber Disruption Of Critical Services

Our Partnership allows your City to implement — at No Cost — a User-Friendly Cyber Risk Management Program to Guard Against a Cyber Disruption of Critical Services.

Smart Workflow Management Solution Aligns:

  • Client Initiatives with Insurance and Regulatory Objectives
  • Executive Governance with Administrative and Technical Activities

To Guard Against A Cyber Disruption Of Service

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Cyber Risk Management Platform Smart Workflow Benefits

Align Client Initiatives with Insurance and Regulatory Objectives And Governance Oversight with Technical and Administrative Activities

User-friendly Platform Aligns Administrative and Technical Cyber Security Activities

  • Easy Onboarding and Engagement

Customized To Your Specific Insurance Questionnaire and Requirements

  • To Take the Best Actions and Qualify For the Best Rate

Conduct Scans to Identify Current Networks Internal & External “Strengths and Weaknesses”

  • Manage Cyber Risk as New technology is Introduced / Obsolete Systems are Updated or Replaced

Prioritizes Activities by Risk of Loss Into an “Easy to Use” SMART Cyber Action Plan (S-CAP)

  • Empowers Governance to ensure sufficient resources are allocated to properly mitigate risk profile

Automates “Easy to Understand” Reports and “Best Practices” Guidelines

  • Smart Workflow eliminates wasted resource efforts, improves efficiency of security practices

Progress & Change is Reviewed Every 90 Days to Update and Re-Prioritize Your SMART Cyber Action Plan (S-CAP)

  • Updates Your “Strengths and Weaknesses;” Progress Made; and Any Newly Identified NIST-CSF Risks
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