Employee Training

End-User Education – the First Line of Cybersecurity Defense

An organization’s employees are one of its biggest cybersecurity risks. In fact, human error is considered the leading cause of data breaches. However, when properly trained in what to watch out for, employees can also be a great frontline defense.

Working with your employees, our Cybersecurity Trainers will:

  1. Implement a Cybersecurity policies and procedures document.
  2. Build your Cybersecurity strategy around educating your end-users.
  3. Have Cybersecurity tools in place to help prevent the potential for compromise.

Cybersecurity protection doesn’t just come from making sure your end-users don’t click on a link in a spam email or visit a site they shouldn’t. It’s an ongoing process that evolves as technologies and security threats arise and evolve. As such, a one-time training session isn’t enough.


Let us help you get started on this path – contact us about our Cybersecurity Employee Training today!