Penetration Testing

Assess your security posture and infrastructure and its ability to protect your data from bad actors. Penetration Testing will tell you how protected your precious data really is.

ResoluteGuard’s highly certified, highly experienced Pen Test engineers work to meet your compliance requirements as well as general security and best practices.

Our team of experts are highly trained, qualified, and certified in CISSP, PMP, CISA, CISM, C|EH, C|HFI, Cisco CCNA Security, Cisco CCNA, Security+, CASP+, CySA+, FITSP-M, GSNA, AUS CCP and many more.


Penetration Test Services

  • External and Internal (behind the firewall) Infrastructure
  • Web Applications including Mobile – Android and iOS
  • WiFi or SSID Testing
  • Phishing
  • Call Campaigns (phone phishing)

Frameworks and Compliance

We understand NIST, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, HITRUST, FedRAMP, CIS Top 20 and more. This makes a real difference in the scoping and delivery of a penetration test.


ResoluteGuard provides comprehensive, professional test documentation with an executive summary of recommendations. Also included is documentation of remediation upon retest, as well as no-charge consultation regarding the scope and results of the penetration test.

Data Privacy & Security

Through penetration testing, we’ll proactively identify your organization’s most exploitable security weaknesses. However, there’s much more to a ‘Pen Test’ than discerning points of possible infiltration. Penetration testing is a thorough, comprehensive solution that consists of several phases, such as:

  • Planning and Preparation
    Before a pen test begins, the testers and their clients need to be aligned on the goals of the test, so it’s scoped and executed properly.

  • Discovery
    The discovery phase is comprised of two parts: 1.) The first part is the start of actual testing, and covers information gathering and scanning. 2.) Network port and service identification is then conducted to identify potential targets.

  • Penetration Attempt and Exploitation
    Now informed about their target, pen testers can begin to attempt to infiltrate the environment, exploiting security weaknesses and demonstrating just how deep into the network they can go.

  • Analysis and Reporting
    Pen Testers create a report that includes details on every step of the process, highlighting what was used to successfully penetrate the system, which security weaknesses were found, other information discovered, and recommendations for remediation.

  • Clean Up and Remediation
    Pen Testers leave no trace and remove any “artifacts” used during the test, since they could be leveraged by hackers in the future. From this point, we work with your organization to make the necessary fixes and eliminate vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure.

  • Retest
    The best way to ensure your organization’s security remediations are effective is to test again. Additionally, IT environments, and the methods used to attack them, are constantly evolving, so the ability to spot emerging weaknesses is key to survival.