Vulnerability Assessment
& Gap Analysis

ResoluteGuard’s Cyber Gap & Risk Assessment methodology is the foundation of our Vulnerability Assessment. First, we set up your onsite Executive Workshop to understand your needs, then we discover your cybersecurity gaps and risks using multiple assessment tools. Next, we run our vulnerability scanning, configuration scanning, and data discovery scans to assess the technical aspects of your environment.


We understand that for busy organizations, work can’t come to a halt when you need an assessment. Our scanning service is performed remotely, across multiple platforms and locations. The process is remotely manageable and can be performed during routine maintenance procedures.


Our 6 Step Process


Cyber Executive Workshop

As with any critical process, our first step is meeting to understand your organization, people, goals, objectives, and priorities. To do this, we host an Executive Workshop. This is an opportunity for your Executive Leadership Team to meet with ResoluteGuard’s expert consultants and ensure your mission and goals align with our cybersecurity programs.


Technical Assessment Workshop

In this phase, we meet with your technical/ IT teams to obtain the information needed to assess technical gaps and risks. This National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework-based workshop assesses areas of security in a broad-based evaluation resulting in a baseline from which we create your cybersecurity strategy matrix.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework


Scanning and Discovery

Our Cyber Risk Assessment includes a series of vulnerability scans. These scans help to identify risks such as vulnerabilities, server misconfigurations, and sensitive data exposures, all of which provide us with the information essential to developing your cybersecurity strategy.


Maturity Model Score

This score is a baseline that helps establish your organization’s current level of cybersecurity. It allows the ResoluteGuard team to create a cybersecurity strategy that leverages your current information technology investments to best optimize the balance of cost and risk.


Findings and Recommendations

Each deliverable includes a description of findings including recommendations on how to remediate these issues. It focuses on your top risks and prioritizes findings by cost, effort, impact, and probability of risk.


Security Strategy

A cyber risk assessment has great value when it provides actionable steps to remediate issues. ResoluteGuard provides you with a cybersecurity strategy you can execute on the next day. Since ResoluteGuard is an independent firm, we only recommend the controls you need.