TOP Cyber-Defense Measures for Improving Your Cyber-Risk profile ASAP!

This is the first of ten weekly articles discussing the TOP 10 cybersecurity measures to improve your Cybersecurity posture the BEST you can as FAST as you can.

Insurance alone doesn’t protect against a cyber-attack.


Ransomware events can occur at any time. Are your member districts prepared?


ResoluteGuard’s Smart Workflow Management Platform bridges the gap between emerging Insurance renewal requirements and costs, Governance Oversight, and the Technical and Administrative Activities that improve your cybersecurity profile “as best as you can as fast as you can.”


“Best of breed” internal and external scanning tools inventory your current networks “strengths and weaknesses” and populate proprietary “Easy to Use” Cyber Action Plans (CAP) containing “easy to understand” activity reports, helping organizations turn recommendations into actions.


This Smart Workflow Management Platform aligns your technical and administrative activities to address your greatest weaknesses first, provide the fact-based responses to qualify for your best insurance renewal terms and to support everyone’s primary objective: to Guard against a Cyber Disruption of Service.


Internal and external scans are rerun every 90 days, and support continuous improvement by documenting improvements and reprioritizing your customized CAP and Smart Worksheet activity reports by your “at that time” greatest weaknesses.


Next week, we’ll discuss “Email Security and Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training”

ResoluteGuard uses industry best internal and external scanning tools to identify your Cyber-risk strengths and weaknesses and populate easy to use, easy-to-understand smart workflow reports that align the governance, administration, and technical activities to the common objective: avoiding a disruption of critical services.