ResoluteGuard’s first step in creating a cybersecurity plan is to conduct an Executive Board Cyber Workshop. In this workshop, we’ll meet with you and members of your executive team to learn about your organization.

The results of the Executive Board Cyber Workshop provide us with an invaluable understanding of how to align our services with your goals and operations. We know every organization is unique and has varying security needs, as well as distinct types of data to protect.

Speed or Security? Thanks to ResoluteGuard, you can have both.
Traditionally, businesses have run into a common problem – increasing security can slow down network speed. But decreasing security to increase speed can also leave a business open to risks. Fortunately, with ResoluteGuard, that’s no longer an issue.

We ensure this by meeting with you to understand the requirements of your business first, including user profiles of employees, customers, and partners. Then we incorporate apply security standards that increase efficiency. This unique approach transforms cybersecurity from a cost center to a revenue driver.

7 Key Areas of ResoluteGuard's Cyber Risk Management

A guide to understanding risk.

Business Enablement

The practice of leveraging risk management and cybersecurity investment to protect existing revenue and generate income streams.

Brand & Reputation Protection

Damage to public image or brand, negative press coverage, decreased corporate value, drop in product consumption, negated public trust.

Data & Intellectual Property

Stolen or lost sensitive data, external dark web exposure, exfiltrated company secrets, lost IP from R&D Investment over time.

Legal Liability

Risk from being sued, civil or government litigation, lack of due diligence, cyber liability insurance, risk assignment, and use of risk acceptance.

Compliance & Governance

Internally or externally mandated government regulation such as PCI, PII, PHI, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, NYCRR, etc.

Business Disruption

Threat of an impact on availability of up time, income revenue, production or development, and/or public consumption.

Cost of Breach & Remediation

The economic impact to an organization or business due to an unexpected cyber breach or incident, a natural disaster, or technical disruption.