The ResoluteGuard Team Understands the Nuances of City/County Government IT

Local government networks are attractive targets for cybercriminals. They are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks due to the vast amounts of sensitive data they possess, including social security numbers, property tax information, voter records, and more.


As more local governments adopt new technologies and offer services that are integrated with online networks, e.g., paying taxes online, cybersecurity becomes increasingly urgent. 


When adopting smart technologies, where various municipal works are connected to a computer network or the Internet, municipalities often fail to ensure the technology is secure before implementation. Without proper security protocols, municipal systems can easily be exploited by hackers.


At ResoluteGuard, we approach government entities just like any other organization in need of best-in-class security solutions. As your partner in cybersecurity defense, we provide the leadership, advice, staffing support, tools and technical skills you can rely on.