Learn How Over 800 School District Admins Improved Their Cyber Resilience


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Public school districts nationwide have experienced a significant increase in cyber attacks during the past several years.  Preventative measures remain woefully unmet. The scourge of ranswomware is bad as it’s ever been, and a wave of new incident reporting is taking hold.

Join us on March 19, 2024 at 11am ET when we will cover the importance of a shared Proactive Cyber Action Plan & Strategy, conducting Vulnerability Scans to identify cyber risks, and creating an Incident Response Plan to meet today’s ever-evolving cyber security challenges.

Learn the key steps of must-have proactive cybersecurity measures K-12 Administrators put into practice:

    • How to align your school districts’ executive governance, administrative, and technical resources and activities to your cybersecurity action plan.

    • Verifying and documenting compliance with required cyber insurance best practices to secure the best possible coverage and terms

    • How critical it is to assess your district’s current cybersecurity risks and capabilities

    • The importance of implementing a continuous improvement model designed to strengthen your cyber risk profile

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