Cybersecurity Services for Insurance Providers

For Pools, Carriers, Brokers, and Underwriters.

Public Entities find it difficult to keep pace with changing members cyber risk profiles- especially as Cyber Risks quickly change. Cyber coverage costs are increasing whether you’re Pool is self-insured or acquiring reinsurance- typical increases are 20% to 60%!

Underwriters require self-reported questionnaires to identify a member’s Cybersecurity profile to mitigate Cyber Risks and often lack their member’s real-time cyber posture and useful cyber data to mitigate risk.

ResoluteGuard provides a highly effective Proactive Cybersecurity Risk Management Solution for over 28 public entity pools/JPAs to meet the unique needs of their members. Our focus is to continuously improve school districts, community colleges, cities, counties and special districts cyber resilience.

Average Incident Cost


Average Downtime

8.93 Days

Number of Attacks

2023 increased 30%


Challenges in Public Entities

Public entities face ongoing staffing challenges in implementing, managing, and monitoring the cybersecurity of their networks and systems.

Our Mission for Public Entities

ResoluteGuard’s mission is to avoid the following outcomes for Public Entities.


Our Core Offering

The SMART- Cyber Action Plan ensures Executive Governance aligns with technical and administrative staff. This integrated approach is fundamental to improving communication and your overall security through a SMART workflow.

SMART-Cyber Action Plan™

SMART-Cyber Action Plan™

Vulnerability scans pinpoint weaknesses in your system, network, and applications that could be exploited by cyber attackers. This ongoing process helps you pinpoint and address potential cyber risks effectively.

Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability Scans

Clear Cybersecurity policies provide guidance and set standards for employees on how to handle sensitive information, use company systems, and navigate online activities and establish a baseline for secure behavior. Our templated policies give you a big head start in creating this important documentation.

Templated Policies

Templated Policies

Cybersecurity Profile Model (CPM)

Member Engagement


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