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ResoluteGuard was formed with a vision to provide a Proactive approach to cyber resilience. Our founders were inspired by recognizing the ever-increasing threats by Cyber Criminals holding organizations for ransom, stealing employee and customer personal data and creating network downtime.

Powered by automation, our core service “Cybersecurity Risk Management Solution” is purpose-built to create a defensible cybersecurity risk management platform that bolsters the organization’s Cyber resilience.

We’ve reimagined how the Technology team and C-Suite Executives share accountability for risk reduction. ResoluteGuard provides a unified communicative environment for organizations to drive impactful cyber risk mitigation strategies and generate value.

Our Leadership Team


Jeff Schobel
Chief Executive Officer


David Burns
Chief Information Security Officer

Conner Schobel
SVP, Customer Success


David Ludwig
SVP, Channel Sales


John Bertoli
Marketing Director

Chris Kopacz
SVP, Cyber Risk Team

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Customer Testimonial
“ResoluteGuard’s Cybersecurity Risk Management Program provided a comprehensive assessment, not just a Pen Test, allowing us to gain insights into our existing security posture and identify where we need support. We receive vulnerability scan reports showing vulnerabilities and remedial actions to take action quickly. This data will allow us to make better informed decisions to improve our cybersecurity posture.”
Public Entity Insurance Partner
“ResoluteGuard’s SMART-Cyber Action Plan provides our JPA members with a plan and strategy prioritizing our insurance best practices controls and additional best practices to support a continuous improvement model. Administrators and IT personnel have a shared plan and can allocate resources to their plan. Policy templates and vulnerability assessments are provided for our insureds in addition to identifying risks with the remedial actions needed to improve their cybersecurity posture.”