ResoluteGuard Cybersecurity Risk Management Program for Educational Service Agencies

ResoluteGuard is an AESA Business Partner


Minimize cyber risk, provide your members with a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity, and comply with evolving regulations.


ResoluteGuard’s Information Security Specialists implement preventative security technologies to improve school cybersecurity posture, minimize risk, and make sure your school districts meet today’s compliance requirements. Solutions that simplify the complex, allowing ResoluteGuard’s Cybersecurity team to work more effectively with your members’ IT team to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, and automate routine security checks.


Cyberattacks on Educational Institutions are Increasing

The outcome is a streamlined work effort towards security maturity and compliance adherence.


Our specialty is working with your members to develop a plan of action that will make them better at being the stewards of their own risk and help shape the learning curve.

ResoluteGuard’s mission is to avoid these outcomes for schools

  • Unauthorized Disclosure and Theft of Student Records
  • Breaches and Hacks Affecting School Operations and Student Data
  • Phishing and Credential Misuse
  • Corruption of School Technology and Security Systems
  • Ransomware for the Purposes of Extortion

School Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

We are your partner in cybercrime defense – here’s what your school districts can expect:

  • Engage with school district personnel
  • Identify school district security needs to support the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Implement a confidential, independent (3rd party) assessment to determine their risk and compliance
  • Provide gap analysis and remedial actions as needed
  • Submit managed services recommendations to school district IT teams
  • Conduct follow-up assessment(s) and cybersecurity issues/threats to support continuous improvement

School District Benefits

  • Reduce Breaches/Downtime
  • Create a stable IT Environment for Schools
  • Protect Personal Identifiable Information
  • Facilitate Compliance
  • Protect Assets – Data & Software Applications
  • Inform School Districts of Current Threats
  • On-Going Risk Assessments to Identify Security Risks

ResoluteGuard’s ESA Marketing Program

  • Introduction Email to introduce Partnership
  • Program Overview Brochure
  • Co-Branded Landing Page on ResoluteGuard website
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Educational Webinars – Threats & Solutions
  • ResoluteGuard E-mail Campaigns & Telephone follow-up by RG Specialists
  • RG webpage Assets and Content for Your ESA website
  • Social Media Posts
  • On-the-Ground Introductions (where applicable)
  • Attend and Present at Regional & Annual meetings