AESA Business Partner
ResoluteGuard’s mission is to Partner with ESA members to provide our Cyber Smart Workflow Platform™ for ESA and K-12 school communities to protect against the risk of loss from Cyber-Attacks.

As Ransomware and Cyber-Attacks Increase, Insurance Coverage Costs are also increasing

  • Lowering of Coverage Limits
  • Increasing Premiums and Deductibles
  • Limited or No Ransomware coverage

Insurance Providers Are Requiring Detailed Questionnaires to Determine Insurance Renewal Costs and Terms

Cyber Security is not just an IT Problem

Smart Workflow Management Aligns Insurance renewal Requirements with Governance Oversight and the Technical and Administrative Activities that protect against a cyber disruption of service

  • Industry Best Internal and external scans Identify and Inventory Your Networks Current “Strengths and Weaknesses”
  • Activities are prioritized by Risk Into Centralized Cyber Action Plans (CAP)
  • “Easy to Understand” Reports and “Best Practices” Policies help to maintain strengths while addressing your biggest weaknesses first
  • Customized To Your Insurance Questionnaires

Your CAP is Reprioritized by Progress & Change Every 90 Days

  • RE-run Industry Best Tools to Update Your “Strengths and Weaknesses”
  • Update & Re-Prioritize Cyber Action Plan (CAP) Activities and Smart Workflow reports by improvements made and “at that time” greatest weaknesses

Continuously improve your Cyber-Risk profile and reduce your potential for risk of loss!

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