ResoluteGuard’s Cyber Risk Management Platform for VCJPA Members

VCJPA Has Partnered with ResoluteGuard to provide your District a user-friendly excel-based SMART- Cyber Action Plan™ workflow management tool aligns and documents Executive Governance, Administrative and Technical Activities to address the Cyber Insurance Best Practices and Incident Response Plan solutions that protect against and minimize the budgetary and potential disruption of service impact for WHEN a cyber-incident occurs. 

Smart SMART Cyber-Action Plans Align:

  • Client Initiatives with Insurance and Regulatory Objectives
  • Executive Governance with Administrative and Technical Activities

To Guard Against A Cyber Disruption Of Service

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Cyber Risk Management Platform Smart Workflow Benefits

Align Client Initiatives with Insurance and Regulatory Objectives And Governance Oversight with Technical and Administrative Activities

User-friendly Platform Aligns Administrative and Technical Cyber Security Activities

  • Easy Onboarding and Engagement

Customized To Your Specific Insurance Questionnaire and Requirements

  • To Take the Best Actions and Qualify For the Best Rate

Conduct Scans to Identify Current Networks Internal & External “Strengths and Weaknesses”

  • Manage Cyber Risk as New technology is Introduced / Obsolete Systems are Updated or Replaced

Prioritizes Activities by Risk of Loss Into an “Easy to Use” SMART Cyber Action Plan (S-CAP)

  • Empowers Governance to ensure sufficient resources are allocated to properly mitigate risk profile

Automates “Easy to Understand” Reports and “Best Practices” Guidelines

  • Smart Workflow eliminates wasted resource efforts, improves efficiency of security practices

Progress & Change is Reviewed Every 90 Days to Update and Re-Prioritize Your SMART Cyber Action Plan (S-CAP)

  • Updates Your “Strengths and Weaknesses;” Progress Made; and Any Newly Identified NIST-CSF Risks

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