Cybersecurity Email Security

Protect Users from Malicious Emails

Over the next ten months we will discuss TEN Cyber-Risk Defense measures to improve your Cyber-Risk profile the BEST you can as FAST as you can.

· Protect Users from Malicious Emails

· Training Users on Cybersecurity Awareness

· Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Password Management

· Manage User Access to Data and Systems

· Importance of Internal AND External Scans

· Smart Data Backup and Retention Procedures

· Update Outdated Software Applications

· Documenting “Your Best Practices” Policies

· Protect All Your Computers and Devices

· Controlling Your Third-Party Access

This week we address Protecting Users from Malicious Email

With the greater adoption of remote work, remote teaching, remote learning and other user-remote connectivity opening up more and more potential points of vulnerability, user error is the cause of the majority of cyber breaches today.

Common User email Errors:

Opening an email with a sender’s email address that is similar to a co-worker’s or trusted confidant, but is actually slightly misspelled and is instead a Cyber Criminal.

This can allow a Cyber Criminal access to your organizations sensitive data and/or systems to install ransomware attack software.

Opening an email appearing to come from a recognized company like Amazon asking for credentials

and/or their Personal Information.

This can allow a Cyber Criminal to steal this Personal Information and sell on the DarkWeb.

Organizations need effective cloud email security and phishing defense solutions that are simple, automated, powerful, and cost effective to protect users from making a seemingly simple mistake that can create a huge problem:

1. automatically detect and blocks malicious emails so employees never see or interact with potentially harmful messages.

2. alert recipients of a potentially suspicious message by placing an interactive warning banner that alerts users to block and/or mark the message as safe with a single click.

3. proactively quarantine suspicious emails for IT to investigate the root cause

Protecting from user-error by blocking or alerting users of suspicious emails is one of the first defense measures to protect your environment from user created vulnerabilities.

ResoluteGuard uses industry best internal and external scanning tools that identify your Cyber-risk strengths and weaknesses and populate easy to use, easy-to-understand smart workflow reports that align the governance, administration, and technical activities to the common objective: avoiding a disruption of critical services.

Next month we will discuss “Training Users on Cybersecurity Awareness;” using software to train users to keep them alert and aware of the actions they need to take or avoid to keep your environment safe from cyber-attack. Click here to learn how we partner with ESA’s to support your members or email David Ludwig at [email protected].